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a call for patriotic creativity...

I want to share some "insider information".

The First Freedom First campaign:
[Official Website]

... is about to launch some creative contests through MySpace and Facebook...

During the month of April we will be accepting poetry and prose submissions on topics relating to religious freedom, church-state separation, and/or any of the issues covered in the First Freedom First campaign.

There's plenty of you creative types out there... I hope some of you can participate.

I know I'll be using it as an excuse to pop more poetry out of my system...


[poem] religious freedom

I wrote this poem about my feelings about my religious freedom as a person who walks a non-mainstream spiritual path. I originally started writing this poem last August for the First Freedom First campaign, and then I let it sit for awhile because it needed to be reworked. It was mostly conceptual before, and now its a little more poetic. I was inspired last night to finish it.

Enjoy! Feedback welcome.
And click the link above to sign a very important petition to safeguard separation of church and state, and protect religious liberty.


My First Freedom

to worship
to dance, to meditate,
Sometimes silence to think
or a song to sing.

People and choices,
lives and spirituality can
change and evolve--
It could change and sway
grow and bloom.

But always revered is my
freedom to decide these sacred needs
for me.

to light a candle,
to burn some herbs,
to find inspiration in
the element of fire and
the scent of the earth,
this, my freedom to choose my methods,
to find my inspiration
as it comes

According only to me.

to dare to find meaning
in the placement of the planets and stars;
to think there's higher thinking that is
to respect that we each
are on our own unique paths;
our own journeys around the same sun--
little planets giving light and
giving life, each
in our own way.

Everyone is
making choices everyday.

But have we asked ourselves lately
if we are making choices
to make ourselves
more free?
Or are we blinded in the clouds
That rain down
Are we doing
to set ourselves free?
Or are you going to tell me
That I cannot choose and practice
my spirituality?


(c) Bethany Moore 2007

Mixxed Signals

Sometimes when I'm thinking to myself
Or looking in the mirror,
It's as though I'm on the outside looking in...
I'm a shadow on the wall,
A mere wall-flower.
And yet,
At the same time,
I'm the woman over-powering the entire room.
I'm super-woman to an extent.
There's still this sadness
That seeps into my soul sometimes.
It's as though it eats me alive
And I can't control myself or it
And I don't know what to do anymore.
I want to scream
I want to sing
I want to dance
But I am a mere shadow
With nothing in mind but others.
I look at their faces
The ones I care for
And I see selflessness
I see love
I see compassion
For all the things I do.
I am a mama cat to them
For their mothers do not know
Of anything that the world holds for them
For they are the future.
They are looking up to me
To tell them that it's okay to make mistakes
That it's okay to feel sad
And mad...
But they should be happy
That they are alive
And that the world worships them
As well as me.
I am woman
I am goodness
I am love...
I am Catherine.

Our Slumber

Whenever we slumber
I believe in the truth
And the justice
That partakes in me.
Whenever we dream
I ackowledge that you are mine
And I am yours
For the rest of this eternity called life.
Whenever we sleep
I see your love embodied in all goodness
In all beauty
For we are both beautiful in sleep.
Whenever we lay in peaceful wake
We gaze into each other's eyes everlongingly
And nothing has ever seemed so right
So perfect
So absolutly normal.
How I have longed for this
This slumber
This peaceful sleep
That only true love
That only eternal love can hold.

if you can guess who I wrote this about you get 3 gold stars~!

True Love- For Jason

Love is waking up and not minding the morning breath of the person next to you.
Love is eating their cooking, which probably isn’t all that bad anyways.
Love is saying up for hours on end just lying within each other’s arms.
Love is beautiful even at five o’clock in the morning with no sleep.
Love is watching movies but not really watching them at all.
Love is like walking into walls that are padded… it’s safer now.
Love is never having to say you’re sorry for the littlest thing you never meant to do.
Love is never having to say anything at all.
Love is taking a shower at 2 o’clock in the morning because you can’t stop thinking about them.
True love is us.


Your first love is never forgotten
And young love can never last
But real love
Real love lasts a lifetime.
People come and go
Friendship's change
But love
And true
Will stay until the end of eternity.

Break up Poem- Written a month ago

Something doesn’t seem right to me
It’s as though the entire world has gone ass backwards, you see
To be single and not have anyone like you
Is like what a loser would do.
It burns, it stings
It pulls on my heart strings
It makes me think of all sorts of things
That I used to know
About these made up shows
And the way to go
When it’s time to blow
All my money on some stupid man
Losing all my money in my gas can
Driving his ass from here to there
I would almost drive him anywhere
But no not a thank you not a sincere hug
He’d rather hide me under his rug
At least that’s what I think, he shrugged me off
All he had to do was talk
And I
Would have know and I
Would have seen
And the things I didn’t mean.
I said I was mad
But it didn’t ring true
You know that I’ll always be in love with you.
You changed my heart and made me see
That the entire world does not revolve around me.
I know that’s messed up and I know I’m bad
But this conversation is making me sad
So please say I’m sorry and look at us here
I know you used to hold me dear.
I knew you loved me through and through
But maybe love is not what is important to you.
So I’ll grab my shit and walk away
Because I don’t need to be turned down today.

take two


Steel rattles in a scabbard, leather harness, and chain mail armor.
Helmet, breastplate, and codpiece in tow, the knight errant marshals his strength,
Even as a torrent of rain presses his patience to the hilt he directs his steed out of the storm.
The hero shields against dark dangers as he delves into the forest for cover.
His foes will not find him here in the heart of darkness.
Concealed in this foliage from the outside onslaught, he journeys inward and explores the night garden.
And, lo, in the brush lies a scarlet rose, untouched by man, unseen by sun.
Removing his gauntlet, the knight presses his fingers forward through moist branches, that curl upon themselves for protection.
Thorns, at first resistant, they yield and part for his entry.
He peers on his prize in the solitude of the illumined dark.
The petals are lush and fragrant, aroma intoxicant.
A rich crimson hue invites the press of his flesh, which he willfully provides.
Grazing the dew-tipped edge, silk meets skin for the first time and the pistil quivers in anticipation.
Fingers slide down the stalk to the base.
Pain is quick upon contact, as thorn pierces tissue. A moment’s hesitation, yet he grins to himself.
Gently he resumes the quest, goes deep within as it seems to arch to his grasp, and plucks the flower from the ground.
Swift release, and no glance back at what has been gleaned as a token for the tournament.
The knight stands and buckles his broadsword.
Mounting his horse, he heads home – away from the forest, no longer virgin.

be gentle, it's my first time

“Grey April”

A quiet spring dawn gathers storm clouds to attention,
While cumulo nimbus and a low pressure front stir internal tension.
The eye notices a rapidly darkening view,
All the while a wind blows cold against chapped lips.
The horizon brings the harvest that has come to meet the fruit of a wicked winter.

Single raindrops glisten like dew in the early morning hour
Shimmering distorted rainbows on their interior
Valiant little soldiers carrying hope for God and country
Alone they fall and splatter on the concrete.

Together they puddle, creeping along the edge of the front lawn
Riding along the raingutter, dislodging autumn leaves long forgotten
Congealing at the base of the home, near to the very foundation
A heavenly deluge
Threatening to flood the basement.


Come on, think about it.
What does it really mean?
Does it mean until you die?
Does it mean until you're fed up with the other person?
Does it mean until you pass on and are in "heaven" with your other person?
Does it mean until the end of time?
What does forever mean?
But I'm ready and willing to be with him.
Whether it be for a few glorious years or for the best decades of my life.
I want to be his and i want him to be mine.
I want to go to sleep every night next to him.
I want to sleep with him arms around me.
I want to wake up every morning laying next to him.
I want to be with him... always.
Maybe for once, the fates will allow this.
Maybe for once, i can remain happy for the end of time.
Maybe for once, time can finally lay still for me.
I just want to be happy.
I want to stay happy.
Let me be happy.